Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where can I submit my questions?

A: You can email them to us at and we will answer them to the best of our knowledge and ability. If we think many people would also be interested in the answer we will post them here also.

  • Q: Why are your candles so awesome?

A: I think it was all the Calvin & Hobbes I read as a child.

  • Q: No, really what makes them so special?

A: We put a lot of work, research, and testing into producing the best smelling, healthiest, and best burning candles we can make. All of or Candles and melts are made out of soy wax produced from American-grown soybeans. We test each combination of fragrance, wax, container, wick, and coloring of each product we offer before we sell them.

  • Q: How long do the scents last when burning them?

A: In the test burns we have done, all of the candles burned 25-30 hours.

This was under controlled conditions burning according to the instructions provided for safety and best use. The scent lasted right until the end, with a small decrease at the very end of the life of the candle.

The flame on a candle does not directly disperse the fragrance into the air, It melts the wax and allows the fragrance to evaporate and disperse. Coincidentally this is the same way a wax melter works in general. Part of the burn characteristics we look for when choosing the right wick size is melting the wax at the correct rate. If the whole candle melts at once, more fragrance oil gets used early in the life of the candle and smells less potent the longer it is used. If a wick is too small it will not melt the whole diameter of the candle, and wax will be wasted around the edges.