Car Air Freshener : A Jar For Your Car!


Now you can have Paper Street scents in your car. This car air freshener uses wax melts and solar awesomeness to make your car smell amazing. As an added bonus, you can change the scent as often as you like. Instructions below.

Please note that this product listing does not include wax melts, nor does it give you superpowers.

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Instructions and information

  1. Pick your favorite Paper Street Candle Company scent (in melt form).
  2. Open your new car air freshener jar.
  3. Put in 1 or 2 cubes to start, this is important. (Our wax melts are incredibly strong and will easily fill even large vehicles with scent).
  4. Close lid.
  5. Place in vehicle.
  6. Enjoy.

* It is important to keep this in a cup-holder so it will remain upright. Our soy wax has a relatively low melt temperature of approximately 125 degrees. It is entirely possible for the wax to melt completely in the jar during the summer or in direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children! 

Inspired by two of our awesome fans: Cassandra and Patrick. We love hearing ideas and feedback from our customers.

If the wax cubes don’t completely melt in the car, they can be reused indoors with a wax melter as the scent becomes less potent in the jar.  This will provide the most aroma and value.

Enter coupon code “carfresh” and get $1.50 off when you buy the jar along with one of our melts. This coupon is not valid with other coupons.

This jar, shown with our Blackberry Sage scented wax melt, is used personally in Brittani’s family vehicle.